• FabPocket, the first mobile

    3D printing learner’s toolbox!

  • Support & Buy to make

    3D printing accessible to all, by all

    & worldwide

    Educational and fun!

    Discover how 3D printing works, and build your own 3D printer in less than one hour!

  • "Make 3D printing accessible by all, to all and anywhere"

  • The FabPocket, the first 3D printing learner’s toolbox

    Why FabPocket? We want 3D printing fun, educational and for everyone.

    FabPocket is the first recreational learner’s box, fun and practical that helps you build a 3D printer and a digital milling machine wherever you are in less than an hour!


    It helps you understand the fundamentals of 3D printing just as you build your own two-in-one digital machine.

    This comprehensive object enables and empowers its users. It gives access to a new culture, more particularly to the digital and the DIY cultures.

    For children or the elderly, for the real geeks or the beginners, with some help or by yourself,

    everyone can do it!

    Each one of the FabPocket’s five modules is a track towards building your own digital machine - a 3D printer and a digital milling machine.

    You will find in the drawers educational cards, practical experimentation and equipment to train yourself.

    We created the FabPocket because we are convinced that 3D printing (and all digital production tools) should be democratized and find its place in all living spaces.

    3D printing is already changing the world but seems out of reach for most people.

    That is why we want it to enter our schools and our businesses, whether it thrives in our households or in our shared spaces: 3D printing has to get to the heart of our landscape.


    Our goal: share our taste for DIY, with others.